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Mission & Vision


Our Vision

At Froebel, we aim to create an environment to cultivate happy, creative and confident future generations.

Our 5S Mission



Water symbolizes harmony, reflection and self-awareness. The understanding of who they are and their place within the family and community. Our centre will play a huge role in fostering those positive ideas of inclusion.




Fire symbolizes energy and vibrancy within every child’s soul. It also signifies the light and life within every child so that they have the confidence to interact and socialize confidently with their uniqueness.




Sand is soft and flexible but when joined together, forms a tough, impenetrable surface. We want to teach each child to be respectful and courteous of their surroundings so that they form good habits and learn to be gracious, forgiving and grateful for what they have.



The wood element symbolizes strength, fortitude and roots that buttress growth. We want our children to stand tall like trees and to grow up independent and resourceful so that they can problem-solve without depending on their elders.




The element of Gold symbolizes hard and soft elements which we use in our teaching methods to encourage children to embrace both strengths and weaknesses and what they need to do to complete tasks. We teach empathy which allows a child to be aware of how his/her behaviour affects others and to recognize what others feel and think. We also want our students to recognise mistakes of their own, understand their feelings, verbalise them and then self-adjust if necessary.

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